Overview Edit

Springwood is one of the new suburbs that has been built. it is north west of the CBD making it slightly northwest of Blaxland Heights and directly south of Blaxland Downs. Springfield was the original name,yet with the same name as the Simpsons town,The founder learnt of a blue mountains down could springwood offering it to be a way out. It is a combination of commercial and residential. The decision to develop it came from the growth of Blaxland Heights and the sudden amount of new ideas and new styles of zoning came out and 4 new suburbs were under planning. It is under the governance of Blaxland Downs City Council.

History Edit

Establishment Edit

The development was authorised by the government,which was authorised by the start of the idea of the suburban sprawl around the cities.

Present Day Edit

It offers a combination of residential and commercial making it an integrated community. It is not a hub,yet is one of the larger suburbs in the area after Blaxland Downs and Blaxland Heights. It is primarily residential with 11 plots allocated to a commercial allocation of 8. A high school and a medical centre are being built. There is a new railway line that has been built extending upon the Blaxland Heights link. This line now is Central-Blaxland Heights- Blaxland Downs-Springwood-Sorrento-Waitara