Capital (or Capitol, which is the local name) is in northeastern outskirts of Peteyville. It is the major commercial hub of the reigon.

Overview Edit

Despite of what the Suburb name may suggest it is not the Capital suburb or anything like that.It is located north-west of the city,making it directly north of Gateway, East of Northside, South-east to Blaxland Heights and South of Springwood. It is named capital because after hearing about the new cairo developments, where a large city is building a new modern connection to it the founder had an idea. This would be to make a new city style suburb, without the space constraints of the actual city suburb. It contributes to Peteyvile by opening it up to style,design and commercial opportunities,making the suburb an instant regional hub. The original construction work was kept secret,unlike where the other suburbs villagers moved in as it developed,villagers were only let in when the major skyscrapers are done. It falls under the Belmont Local District Council area.

History Edit

Establishment Edit

The development was authorised in secret, without the media knowing.Citizens were not allowed in nor were media crews (CNN Peteyville hates the government because of that), the best views were from Blaxland Heights and Northside,with none of the citizens knowing about the scale of the project.It is now a hub for the commercial sector. It is mainly high density residential and comercial with no houses in the suburb as of yet.There are no railway lines to date,although there has been plans about the line. There is a cross city tunnel being built connecting Gateway-Capital-Springwood and beyond.

After Establishment Edit

So far, the only change is the highways and regular skyscraper planning and construction.

Present Day Edit

It is a high density residential and commercial hub with a large population and lots of businesses opening. The Roads are constantly changing as the landscape itself does.