Blaxland Heights is a northern suburb in the Belmont area and it is the 2nd biggest suburb in the surrounding Local District Council (Blaxland Downs).It is known for its first building, Blaxland Production which is the owner of the cactai farms in the area.

Suburb Overview Edit

The neighbouring suburbs of Blaxland Heights are Capitol, Versailles, Blaxland Downs and Northside.

It is linked by overhead rail lines by the Blaxland Link Line, which is an offshoot of the orange line. Its road system is supported by the Blaxland Highway (to head to Versailles,Belmont and Lenton) and Northside Road (to Northside and Capitol). Their is rivalry between Blaxland Heights and Blaxland Downs and the two communities don't like each other, although they need each other. The Heights offers the road networks The Downs, Springwood, Sorrento and Waitara need whilst The Downs has the City Council

History Edit

Establishment Edit

Blaxland Heights first came into being when the central government believed that some suburbs might need to look nicer and something other than stone brick. So Blaxland Heights was established and marketed as a countryside suburb. Ask any resident of Blaxland Heights that and they will look at you like an idiot. It is no longer countryside, but still links to the countryside suburbs like Springwood, Blaxland Downs and Sorrento.

Now. Edit

Blaxland Heights was suddenly seen as a potentially massive and important suburb. It provided linkways that have not been seen before and because of this it has major motorways now running through it linking Blaxland Heights with the City, Versailles and Springwood.

Zoning Edit

Commercial Edit

The most recognisable commercial building is Blaxland Production, which can also been classified as light industrial. On the other hand, Blaxland Heights is also a tech hub boasting a 'Minebook' office, a computer repair shop and a computer hub.

Residential Edit

Most zoning in the Heights is Residential

Industrial Edit

The only recognised industrial zoning is Blaxland Production.